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About Us

Community Is Second Nature


Aalto Development’s roots can be traced back to Finland. It was there that the perfect union of a successful real estate developer and a construction company director came to fruition. Through their shared belief that customer value is created by combining unique properties with elevated design principles and efficient execution, the partners combined their skills, experience and expertise to create an organization dedicated to building beautiful residential and commercial real estate projects that improve the way people live and work.

Aalto Development’s unique waterfront communities are a breath of fresh air.

With many successful projects in Finland, The Aalto Group expanded into the Canadian Marketplace to offer Canadians the same premium living experiences that made them successful in Europe.
Aalto Development founders Tomi Alatalo and Ilari Schouwvlieger start to build unique projects in the capital area of Finland.
A Series of successful projects: This one-of-a-kind waterfront property in the very respected embassy area Kuusisaari, Helsinki with a total value of over 30 million euros.
First visit to Canada to brainstorm the Barrie waterfront property with architects Ian and Tero Malcolm. Negotiations with Project Manager, Tap Nousiainen.
Waterfront community development including 8 condos and 7 townhouses started in Koukkuniemi, Espoo.
Commercial business grew and 5 new Mercedes Benz Truck dealership concept buildings were built across Finland.
Expansion into Canada and first property purchased.
Lákhouse: Lakefront Residences is introduced in Barrie.


At Aalto Development, we believe in offering the utmost quality throughout each step of the real estate development process. From acquiring land in high-end locations, to meticulously designing every detail with a keen eye to employing only the finest materials, together with our network of professionals, we bring a vision to life in each of our diverse developments.

Our Finnish background provides us with an appreciation for beautiful Scandinavian design married with simplicity, functionality and a dedication to quality.

It is our firm belief that design has the power to shape the way we live and every detail is an opportunity to improve the final product and create a better lifestyle for the enduser. For this reason, we oversee every step of the construction process to ensure the best possible result.


Aalto Development places a high value on experience and excellence in our partnerships. For these reasons we have developed a network of experienced professionals, each outstanding in their field, to create strong teams, hand-chosen for each project. We strive to continually raise the bar demanding high quality construction and sustainable development.

We are dedicated to creating innovative living spaces that change the way we live and work.

In our residential and commercial developments, we carefully consider every detail. We begin by selecting premium locations to facilitate both relaxation and physical activity, providing a balanced lifestyle for all of our residents. We want our beautiful buildings to be welcomed by the established communities they join, so we ensure the designs suit the landscape and seamlessly integrate with the each individual neighbourhood. In the construction phase, our selected builders, each of whom are masters of their crafts, provide efficient execution and top quality finishes using premium materials.